About the Project

Dear Visitors,
While working with Children of Divorce, a class run by Tucson based Divorce Recovery, we did an art project that included "sending away" the frustrations of divorce. The kids in our 10-12 year old group showed an extraordinary talent for illustrating their feelings through drawing and multimedia collage.

As a huge fan of Frank Warren’s PostSecret website, I was inspired to create this site, an anonymous postcard project similar to his, but rated PG-13 and dedicated specifically to children of divorce.
If you are a child of divorce who would like to participate please continue reading this page or click here for a printable, pre-addressed, postcard pdf.

Thank you for visiting.
Kara Bishop


Share your feelings, frustrations, secrets, wishes, experiences, fears, disappointments or anything else divorce-related you’ve been wanting to get off your chest on one side of a 4x6 postcard. (Click here for a printable pre-addressed postcard pdf.)

Mail your postcard to:
Postcards from Splitsville
c/o Kara Bishop
1051 N. Columbus Ave. #103
Tucson, AZ 85711

You can also email a 400 x 270 (or larger) pdf, jpg or tif: kara@divorcerecovery.net

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